We provide eligibility verification by verifying each patient’s eligibility and benefits to limit healthcare denials and delays & improve RCM. Once the patient checks in, the insurance coverage is thoroughly checked such as if the policy is active or non-active, Co-pay, Participating status, Referral requirement, PCP, Primary or Secondary coverage. Once this is established, verification is done using a combination of Voice and Online resources using our trained eligibility verification representative.

Our service helps physicians significantly improve their collections and reduce the time to collect. This ensures that the Physician is seeing patients who are eligible resulting in full reimbursement.

Our eligibility verification services include:

  • Receive schedules from Hospitals, Physicians via EDI, Emails, Efaxes
  • Contacting patients for coverage information if needed
  • Contacting Payor Helpline for coverage verification
  • Verification of eligibility using payor websites and clearing houses
  • Co-Pay estimations
  • Real-time reporting of Co-Pay, Eligibility, Start & End dates and a lot more

Benefits of partnering with Viaante:-

  • Improvement in Self Pay collections
  • Enhanced collections due to reduction in denials and write-off’s
  • Improvement in patient satisfaction
  • Quick turnaround time