Are you in search of an efficient system to accurately manage and control your accounts receivable as well as recovery? Do you have fewer resources for the management of your accounts receivable needs to improve your cash flow? Then, outsource of the healthcare accounts receivable services is the best option for your organisation as an experienced service provider.

As hospitals and providers need to focus on patient care, they have less time to save on restorative accounts receivable collections. Most health practices have huge volumes of old medicinal services accounts receivables that are left to become more established, as new medical cases must be tended to. With hectic schedules and time-crunching due dates, hospitals don’t have the ability, proficiency, competency and expertise to address such medicinal claims. These healthcare practices, in the end, miss out on their claims, given inadequate management of healthcare accounts receivable.

Is your hospital practice or healthcare practice going through the same circumstance? Do you discover your workers excessively busy to AR Management? If so, consider Viaante for outsourcing healthcare accounts receivable management.

Why Outsource AR Management Services to Viaante?

Viaante, a leader in outsourcing, based in India, has long periods of expertise and experience in giving medicinal AR collection services to worldwide healthcare providers. When you outsource AR Management administrations to Viaante, you can profit by competent, cost-effective, reliable and specialised healthcare accounts receivable services.

At Viaante, we have an accomplished workforce who has the ability in taking care of both the old and new accounts receivables of worldwide healthcare groups. By outsourcing to Viaante, your association can save money on valuable effort and time. While your representatives focus on medicinal services, you can be guaranteed that all your medical accounts receivable accumulations are tended to. With our effective subsequent communications of your AR Management, you can be guaranteed that you will have enough funds to meet your business needs. For more effective and efficient working contact us today!

The two most key features that Viaante focuses on are:-

  • A/R analytics
  • A/R follow-up

A/R analytics:

  • How has each Accounts Receivables bucket fared over time?
  • What do the shifts in the performance of buckets signify?
  • What are our receivables position and their composition by age (bucket analysis)?
  • What is our risk exposure, especially for receivables beyond a threshold?
  • Are the disputes being managed and resolved optimally?
  • Are there receivables that we may have to write-off or transition to collections in the future
  • What are cash flows due from future receivables? What proportion of future receivables is expected to be realized?
  • Cash Realization: What are Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time, planned and actual?
  • What specific combination of actions do we need to take to meet our target for Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)?
  • What is the likelihood of these efforts bearing results?


A/R Follow ups:

A/R Follow up services we offer as follows:

  • Work on various payor mix as per the client needs
  • Investigate claim denials and take quick action within 48 hours of the denial notification.
  • Follow-up all the pending claims
  • Work on AR as per the $ value and the aging buckets
  • Track receivable balances
  • Double check all accounts with balances over 60 days past due to be sure action is being taken to resolve issues
  • Review returned mail for action within 48 hours of receipt
  • Enhance revenue
  • Strive for less than 10% of accounts receivable being over 120 days old.
  • Decrease turnaround time for claim payment