We have a large pool of well-trained medical billing professionals who are proficient in managing multi-specialty charge entry and demographics checks.
The importance of accurate charge entries is that the errors in the entries affect the cash flow adversely.
Viaante ensures error-free and accurate entries for claims submissions.
As a trusted medical billing provider in India, Viaante offers efficient & reliable services across different healthcare specialties.

Our charge entry process comprises of following steps:

  • Receipt of documents in form of superbills through FTP and another secured mode of transmission
  • Capture date of service, billing provider, Referring Provider, POS, Admission dates, CPT, ICD -10 codes, units and modifiers
  • Submission of claims to clearinghouse or Insurance carrier

Benefits of partnering with Viaante:-

  • Stepwise Auditing
  • Timely filing of claims
  • Use of latest and updated software technology
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Decrease in denial rates