Our streamlined operations and relevant records help in fixing appointments & ensure that the patients turn at the scheduled time.

Patient registration is an important and complex process that requires a considerable amount of preliminary patient data input, including a collection of demographic information personal & contact information, a collection of patient’s health history, allergies, current medication & verification of Insurance details.

It is a key strategy for improving the onboarding and intake process, which often gets bogged down with complicated & inaccurate data collection and administrative tasks. If not handled correctly, this series of initial contact points can lead to several ongoing issues, including unsatisfied patients who may decide not to pursue their care at a facility that is unsystematic & disorganized.


Benefits of partnering with Viaante:-

  • Accurate and updated information about the present and new patients in the records
  • On time scheduling and rescheduling of patients (Patient/Doctor wise)
  • Medical Alerts Details
  • Doctor’s Schedule Summary
  • Decrease in the patient’s wait time on the day of their service
  • Patients are informed about documents required at time of service
    (insurance card, advance directives, payment, if previously arranged)