Viaante helps in filling the growing need in the medical marketplace, helping physicians complete their electronic medical records or Health records accurately. Our specialty-specific Virtual Scribes help you manage patient data securely in your EMR in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Viaante offers support options for Healthcare Providers, Hospitals & Physician Centers. Our team comprises of professionals having years of experience and expertise in clinical documentation procedures.

Our virtual scribes allow the physicians to have access to a trained medical scribe irrespective of location and time.  By connecting into our proprietary workflow tool, you will be able to communicate with your assigned Scribe in real time who will assist you with documenting patient notes and updating your EMR/EHR systems.

Examples of some of the information captured by Scribe but not limited to:

  • Patient History & Present illness
  • Vital Signs and Lab Reviews
  • The result of imaging studies
  • Patient Progress notes
  • Research Information as requested
  • Reviewing charts for accurate CPT an ICD 10 coding

Challenges faced by Healthcare Providers due to the absence of Virtual Scribes:-

  • Lack of proper focus on patient care
  • Physicians spending more time on computers updating EMR than focusing on patients
  • Lack of time for meeting/scheduling appointments with new patients
  • Delay in setting records & collections
  • Loss of revenue


Benefits of partnering with Viaante:-

  • Improvement in Patients treated / hour
  • Reduction in Patient to Provider Staffing ratio
  • Improvement in number of patients left without being seen
  • Cost transparent operations
  • Best documentation practices with HIPAA Compliance
  • Minimize the time spent on documentation by physicians
  • Increase in the net revenue by allowing time for additional appointments