Vendor Portal

Key value propositions of our product

Faster turn-around time of invoice processing

Reduce late payment penalties, avail more early-payment discounts

Easy resolution of queries and disputes

Reduce the cost of transactional procedures

Our Vendor Portal technology caters to the new-age finance & accounting requirements, encompassing processes such as Invoice Submission and Accounts Payable.

Our web-based portal facilitates the easy online submission of invoices by the vendors, acting as a single platform for the entire payment cycle. Right from new registration of vendors to tagging based on pre-set rules, to review of invoices – this portal automates the entire process, making it faster and cost-effective.

Viaante’s portal integrates seamlessly with clients’ existing ERP systems, allowing real-time query resolution and communications.

Accounts Payable Workflow

Our proprietary work-flow creates an accounts payable process which is methodical and integrates easily with ERP platforms. Our web-based solution framework eliminates physical movement of invoices by digitizing, tagging and processing images automatically, facilitating a faster and cost-effective payment cycle.

Order-to-Cash Solution

  • Avoidance of loss of revenue due to late submissions, incorrect submissions
  • Tracking failure rate and biller and site-level along with reasons
  • Automated scripts to download the invoice status from various billing sites
  • Complete real-time A/R reconciliation with customized dashboard
  • Facilitate transaction-related communications and easily integrated with your existing ERP systems

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