We Deliver Through

As a partner to our customers in improving business processes, we focus on two things –

  •  Achieving excellence in our service delivery operations
  •  Assuring the highest level of quality

 We at Viaante believe that delivery excellence is the heart of our BPO operations. Our operational framework is based on our time-tested in-house developed transition methodology consisting of a three-pronged approach, each having a toll-gate to check for defined deliverables before moving to the next phase. We use ISO standards, Six Sigma and Technology to minimize the scope for errors, at the same time reducing inefficiencies and enhancing productivity on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, our efforts are to use technology in the best way to optimize the service delivery and ensuring zero rework!

5 Critical Elements of our BPO Operations


  • 24 X 7 BPO operations
  • Our centers adhere to ISO standards, HIPAA and PHI requirements
  • Delivery centers strategically located to minimize travel time for employees

The right recruitment and on-boarding

  • Blend of lateral hires and fresh hires to maintain the right balance of skills and experience
  • Established learning academy to develop and sharpen skills based on their roles and career aspirations

Knowledge Management

  • Customized Learning & Development programs for domains and service delivery levels
  • Managing our knowledge repository
  • Learning cells for proactive molding of skills

Technology Enablement and Innovation

  • Viaante’s Innovation team looks for opportunities to improve the processes through the infusion of Technology.
  • We use disruptive Technology to come up with creative ways to add value and pave the foundation for a long-term relationship with our clients.

Transition Management

  • Solution Design: documenting the ‘as is’ process and propose the ‘to be’ solution.
  • Transition phase: This phase covers the implementation of the project plan. Knowledge transfer, Process Ramp up and Go Live Phase
  • BAU Phase: emphasis on automating repetitive tasks and identifying process improvement scopes