The Direct to Consumer industry has transformed over the last decade going from brick and mortar to click and order. The e-commerce and the m-commerce are fast emerging as the viable alternative to traditional channels.  The E-commerce industry players are looking for service providers that can help them address their Technology and back office support needs to bring more scalability and predictability to their business.

Viaante’s 50+ man years of combined experience and expertise help the companies reduce the pressures of rising competition and price sensitivity by increasing customer loyalty, improving performance and enhancing customer experience.

We at Viaante continuously innovate and execute our operations by i transforming the processes with implementation of analytics, robotic process automation and AI.

Our solutions for E-Commerce Industry are centered around Customer Service Solution, Data Management, Lead Generation and Loyalty Management using multi-channel support using Voice, Chat and E-mail.

VIAANTE: A Trusted Partner to achieve Transformational Excellence in Business Processes

By delivering specialized and tailored services for the whole e-commerce value chain, we have evolved into a trusted and a reliable partner for leading firms all over the world. We understand the demands of every e-commerce business, whether it’s catalogue management, product management, seller management, or buyer management.

Product Data Entry Services

Data entry entails the management of enormous amounts of data in a timely and correct manner. The recorded, organised data sets steer workflows, fuel intelligent decision-making, and enhance operational excellence. In the absence of product data entry specialists, however, this procedure can quickly turn into a waste of resources, time, money, and effort.

With spotless listings and skilled support, our eCommerce product data entry services help you expand your online visibility, multiply revenues, and inspire conversions.

Viaante’s eCommerce Product Data Entry Services

  • Product Upload/ Listing
  • Product Data Sourcing
  • Sourcing Data from Physical Catalogues
  • Sourcing Data from Digital Catalogues
  • Sourcing Information from Websites
  • Deleting Old Products
  • Adding/Editing/Updating Product Information
  • Products Categorizing
  • Adding Product Images
  • Writing Product Features
  • Adding Product Specifications
  • Adding Product Prices
  • Writing product Descriptions
  • Adding Variants (information on colour, sizes, etc.)
  • Updating Offers & Sales Information
  • Product Data Entry for Cross-selling
  • Product Data Entry for Up-selling

Product Data Management Services

The quality and accuracy of data on an eCommerce website has the ability to “make or break” the business, because quality and up-to-date data guarantees that your customers receive relevant product information while shopping on your site.

Viaante provides a full suite of product data management services. Whatever you sell – clothes, furniture, computer peripherals, sports items, or healthcare products, for example – we can competently maintain your product data.

Through our product data management services, you may classify your product data, establish its taxonomy, and enhance it, as well as perform periodic cleansing, normalisation, matching, and reduplication.

Viaante’s eCommerce Product Data Management Services

  • Product Data Cleansing Services
  • Product Matching & De-duplication Services
  • Product Data Enrichment Services
  • Product Data Standardization Services
  • Product Data Normalization Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • Product Categorization Services
  • Product Description Writing Services
  • UNSPSC Data Classification Services
  • Product Data Classification Services
  • SKU Development Services

Ecommerce Website Development Services

With decades of experience in implementing highly effective storefronts for clients all over the world, Viaante has a specialized in designing eCommerce websites that are most likely to increase your sales and earnings. Store administration, content management, technical and creative support, payment gateway integration, marketing support, social media integration, and more are all part of our full eCommerce web development services. We assist you in expanding your brand over the globe as a notable multi-disciplinary strategic partner. We provide retail strategy, custom design & functionality, platform implementation and optimization to construct the ideal site for you, with skilled eCommerce developers committed on making your online store a success.

Viaante’s eCommerce Website Development Services

  • Woo Commerce Development Services
  • Magento Development Services
  • Magento 2.0 Development Services
  • OpenCart Development Services
  • Shopify Store Development Services
  • eBay Store Design Services
  • nopCommerce Development Services
  • Brightpearl Development Services

Product Catalogue Management Services

Detailed product content is extremely crucial to the internet buyers when making purchasing decisions. So, if you have sparse product data on your eCommerce website, success will remain elusive to you. By providing extensive explanations of your products and services, as well as relevant images or visuals, you can easily get beyond this stumbling block. A well-designed product catalogue can help you improve the depiction and categorization of your products. It also improves user experience and keeps customers engaged, resulting in more income for your company.

Viaante’s extensive experience in product data management ensures simple access to cutting-edge product categorization procedures. Our team of catalogue management experts ensures that you achieve the results you want in a timely manner.

Viaante’s Product Catalogue Management Services

  • Catalogue Processing Services
  • Catalogue Building Services
  • Image Editing Services
  • Updating & Maintenance Services
  • Content Management Services

eCommerce SEO/ Internet Marketing Services

Viaante has been providing online store marketing services to clients in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to fashion, luxury watches, jewellery, electronics, musical instruments and supplies, medical supplies, bathroom fittings, and many more. Our SEO team has a proven track record of increasing sales and profits for a variety of online retailers. We create custom SEO plans for each online business, keeping in mind the “common” rules that our eCommerce SEO team has successfully implemented over the years, and ensuring that our ultimate aim is increasing your site’s revenue.

Viaante’s eCommerce Customer Support Services

  • Order processing, order entry and order tracking
  • Accounting/bookkeeping transaction support
  • Inventory support and management
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of products
  • Customer Support Services including email, phone and chat support
  • Responding customer queries on your store’s return policy
  • Handling product queries and offering support on the spot solutions
  • Answering customer inquiries related with shipping and delivery
  • Sending inbound/outbound emails
  • Conducting customer surveys for enhanced customer satisfaction

eCommerce Platforms we work on

Why Outsource eCommerce to Viaante?

  • Up to 60-70% Cost Savings
  • 24*7 Support Availability
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • 95% Data Accuracy
  • Complete Control Over Remote Team
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Enterprise-grade IP and Data Security
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Multi-platform eCommerce Support


40% Average increase in search accuracy for e-Commerce clients

500+ Satisfied clients

99.99% Accuracy

30% Average increase in sales for sellers

<95% Client Retention Rate


Because we don’t just believe in quality deliverables but also in delightful business operations and that’s what makes us different.
We have years of domain expertise across the national boundaries. The clients trust us for what we have, what we deliver and especially for what we have achieved will achieve together.
At Viaante, it’s not about the cost but the value. We have been building this value by consistently serving our clients with quality deliverables and that’s what Viaante will always do.


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