Viaante’s Enterprise Data Management services empower organizations to capture, record and validate all type of unstructured data accurately and securely using its own proprietary capture software “VCapture” and Workflow Management Software “ Vflow

Viaante, a top leading company in India, has expertise in implementing and customizing Industry acknowledge capture software including Captive, Kofax, Abby Fine Reader


  • 1. Document Review

    We carry out detailed scrutiny and file data in a structured manner and Index files based on Taxonomy

  • 2. Content compilation

    Summarization of content into meaningful and actionable insights for better decision making

  • 3. Document coding

    Capturing basic elements such as date, author, document type and linking images to the information in predefined objective fields

  • 4. Data Entry

    Yes, it’s tedious, but we make it quick (Turnaround time 24-48 hrs) and right with a minimum accuracy of 95% at ‘document level’. Capability of OCR/ICR/OMR technologies to capture data from printed or handwritten sources

  • 5. Data Formatting and Conversion

    Making data adapt to business requirements, and various input formats through a combination of manual and programmatic conversions

  • 6. Data Standardization & Normalization

    We make sure to fill any gaps between data  and its business objectives

  • 7. Enterprise Content Management

    The building, Maintaining and updating proprietary market data points for eCommerce, Financial Institutions and intermediaries, B2B Information Providers, Online Learning, Aviation, etc.