Sales & marketing is no more a mere reaching-out-to-customer game, it’s more about reaching out to the right customer at the right time with the right message. The sales & marketing sector has seen a major overhaul in terms of technology and engagement strategies.

Many analysts are predicting it would be the CMO who will be spending and investing more in Technology than the CTO in coming days. And the trend is already starting with businesses embracing new-age technology such as Marketing Automation, Analytics, CRM, Social Media, and other digital marketing channels. Marketing & Sales is now ever more collaborative and in sync with one agenda – aligning the efforts to GENERATE DEMAND for your business.

And at the heart of it is one thing – DATA. Be it prospect data, competitor intelligence, business/sector intelligence; one thing stands out in the new-age marketing & sales efforts – and that’s to streamlining all efforts to utilize ACTIONABLE CUSTOMER INSIGHTS to harness Demand for your product and services.

We at Viaante are keeping us abreast of all the new marketing & sales technology and process requirements – to be able to help businesses with this new opportunity of CUSTOMER CENTRICITY by processing Gigabytes of data of their sales & marketing operations. Our dedicated Sales & Marketing Outsourcing practices enable our business partners to utilize it for their strategic and operational benefits.

At Viaante, we combine our sales processes, marketing expertise, technologies, transition methodologies and global reach to provide necessary services to our clients in order to help them succeed and achieve their targets.

We support our clients by providing them with qualified leads that can be promptly turned into opportunities by their in-house sales & marketing teams. 


At the core of our Sales & Marketing Outsourcing offering, we work towards creating and maintaining an accurate customer/prospect database. Viaante has been helping organizations in overcoming the challenges they face with regards to data hygiene and having the relevant and segmented contacts in their CRM.
We ensure regular cleansing and refreshing of data for reuse.
We synchronize data built through heterogeneous sources or merge databases when needed.

  • Universe Identification   
  • Contact data discovery / List Building    
  • Data validation & cleansing   
  • Contact tracking and updation    
  • Firmographic data & Profiling    
  • Building buyers’ profiles   
  • Opt-in database building    
  • Data Audit and Strategy


We design a customized marketing strategy by keeping in mind the target audiences, competition, and budget that eventually helps in maximizing leads while minimizing operational and maintenance costs through automation.
Our demand generation program uses multiple outreach methods such as Webinar’s, White Paper campaigns, Email automation, SEO, Chabot’s, Social Media Engagements, Visitor Re-targeting, and various other lead nurturing campaigns.
We offer our expert insights during campaign design by analyzing your end goals and audience. Our teams of Seasoned Marketing experts also review your existing data assets such as collaterals, database, and content and will advise on any recommendations.

  • Creation of campaigns with the right audience and right messaging (Collateral, Content giveaways such as eBooks, Whitepapers, etc.)
  • Managing campaign channels such as Email, Web, Social Media, Outbound (Telecallling)
  • Scoring, grading and qualifying prospects (marketing qualified leads)
  • Creating sales qualified leads (appointment setting) and generating MIS
  • Advertising & Editorial Content Sales
  • Subscriptions Sales
  • Events Sales: sponsorships, delegates, print and digital advertising, booth/stand sales (including cross-selling & up-selling), lead generation, appointment setting
  • Match-making programs both on-site & off-site
  • Event visitor registration
  • Post-event satisfaction surveys


Viaante offers a comprehensive view of market scenario which helps in making effective decisions for the business. We have been helping businesses to expand, grow, diversify & tackle competition.
Through Viaante, it has been possible for our clients to gain exclusive real-time & relevant information about their competition in the industry.
We have the capability to uncover everything that is going on in our client’s competitors’ industry which enables them to always be aware of required actions to be taken before their competitors do. We imply the right marketing intelligence tools and obtain actionable insights which help our clients to succeed.

  • Account Mapping    
  • Market and Competitive Intelligence    
  • Competitor Installed-base    
  • Financials & Filings    
  • Key Management profiles & updates    
  • Product & service lines     
  • Industry/Sector Research    
  • Key Executive Movement Tracking

CUSTOMER FIRST FOCUS – ‘Data and Technology to align your Sales & Marketing functions’

  • Enrich data for campaigns – relevant, accurate and complete data to improve the effectiveness of your outbound/inbound marketing
  • Keep your CRM data hygienic – with our data audits, regular data appends and cleansing
  • Seamless integration of data – with your technology platforms such as Marketing Automation, CRM, Email Marketing
  • Complete Lead Lifecycle Management – the one-stop partner from DATA to DEAL

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