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Viaante’s caters to the Data Management & Custom Research needs of Global Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences clients.
Viaante has been supporting these clients for their Pharma Data Management, Health Economic & Outcome Research, Managed Markets & Market Research activities.
Typical Data Management activities cover Prescriber Data Management, Promotional Surveys, Managed Care and Formulary Management. We also have been Supporting in build out and maintenance of global market research panels
Our Life Sciences BPO business focus has been to provide actionable data and insights which assist in evidence-based decision making and accelerating go to market.



The future of any business lies in its ability to consume data irrespective of its type, size or source
The challenges for data management and storing of laboratory information are significant. The information and data have to be secure, accurate and compliant to regulations and standards.
Viaante’s extensive data management and sales analytics support provide comprehensive solutions and coverage to all the requirements ensuring increased data productivity and connectivity.
We provide end-to-end document management services which reduce the need for paper-work and manual errors resulting due to inaccurate, irrelevant and duplicate data. Our well-defined work plan keeps the daily workflow effective and seamless, which helps in smoothly implementing a paperless document management system.
Our analytics and data sciences team uses have data mining, data analysis and state of the art machine learning algorithm and data visualization to  sift through  sales, marketing, and CRM data to provide our clients  with ongoing actional insights so that expand markets and  improve the sales force effectiveness

Data Management

  • Data Mining
  • Data Bridging/Coding
  • Data Verification
  • Data Cleansing & Normalization

Sales Data Analytics

  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Report Generation

Sales Support

  • Pre-Sales Activities
  • Collateral Creation


Viaante provides support and solutions in claims processing, documentation, reporting and managing other clinical operations.
We provide support in customized pharmacy benefits design options.
With our secure systems, we process claims which are easily accessible to clients in real time without having to use expensive licenses and software. Also, our customer experience team provide accurate and timely assistance to pharmacies and their members.


We provide extensive support in trial management procedures.
We store, protect and update clinical data on a regular basis and follow strict security policies.


Because we don’t just believe in quality deliverables but also in delightful business operations and that’s what makes us different.
We have domain expertise across the national boundaries. The clients trust us for what we have, what we deliver and especially for what we achieved and what we will achieve together.
At Viaante, it’s not about the cost but the value. We have been building this value by winning with our clients and that’s what Viaante will always do.


Extensive research capabilities

Data management capabilities

Global Coverage

Customized workflow solutions

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