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Evolution in technology and transition in a business environment constantly create more and more opportunities for the advancement and development of new software solutions that benefit the companies.

We provide end-to-end software development services and solutions for any requirement of our partners and clients. Viaante’s team of experienced software development professionals understands the importance of the completing the projects within budgets, on time with high quality

Apart from acting as ‘enabler’ in transforming operations of our clients, Viaante specializes in customizing technology platforms such as ERP, Databases, EHR/HIS for Healthcare, RRA, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics using multiple implementation models. We are also engaged in developing and maintaining product and business specific software applications.








Vendor Portal

Our Vendor Portal technology caters to the new-age finance & accounting requirements, encompassing processes such as Invoice Submission and Accounts Payable.

Our web-based portal facilitates easy online submission of invoices by the vendors, acting as a single platform for entire payment cycle. Right from new registration of vendors to tagging based on pre-set rules, to review of invoices – this portal automates the entire process, making it faster and cost-effective.

Viaante’s portal integrates seamlessly with clients’ existing ERP systems, allowing real-time query resolution and communications.

Key value propositions of our product

Faster turn-around time of invoice processing

Reduce late payment penalties, avail more early-payment discounts

Easy resolution of queries and disputes

Reduce the cost of transactional procedures

Accounts Payable Workflow

Our proprietary work-flow creates an accounts payable process which is methodical and integrates easily with ERP platforms. Our web-based solution framework eliminates physical movement of invoices by digitizing, tagging and processing images automatically, facilitating a faster and cost-effective payment cycle.

Order-to-Cash Solution

  • Avoidance of loss of revenue due to late submissions, incorrect submissions
  • Tracking failure rate and biller and site level along with reasons
  • Automated scripts to download the invoice status from various billing sites
  • Complete real-time A/R reconciliation with customized dashboard
  • Facilitate transaction-related communications and easily integrated with your existing ERP systems


"We have different cost models available depending on the customers requirements, budget and the stage of the product / requirement.

A. Fixed Cost / Variable model

We generally follow a fixed cost model where the requirements are clearly outlined and variable (hourly) model in case the requirements are vague and there are expected to be more changes and discoveries in the project

This comes with a full-time dedicated project management and the entire team of experts from design to delivery

B. Staff Augmentation

Some of our customers, look for only resources for a long term with specific skills. We provide them resources with the requisite skills and the utilization and management is owned by the client with very little oversight or project management from Viaante.

Out rates start from as low as $15/hour and increases with the type/number of resources required and the length of the project

The project time line is completely dependent on the client requirements, but generally, we try to have major milestones every 4-6 weeks

The delivery is dependent on multiple factors such as clarity of the requirements, changes during the QA and the speed at which QA is done.

Our forte

  • We are a lean company, and any paper work or CR management is a quick process and closed within 2-3 days of the requisition
  • We have a strong QA team, which ensures highest quality of work, but if there are bugs the teams typically, take no more than 3 days to close the minor and medium criticality bugs and only a handful bugs which may have a larger research and impact may have to take a longer time

  • We typically follow, agile or devops methodology.
  • We spend initially 10-20% of the time in collecting the requirements and ensuring that the requirements are tied down as closely as possible to the budget and time outlined for the project
  • We typically provide screen shots, wire frames or prototypes of the expected final product
  • We provide references to other products or applications which use similar functionality and get confirmation from the client on the expectations
  • We provide templates at the start of the project to ensure that the UI elements are locked down earlier in the project and does not go through major changes during the project
  • We have a daily 15 minute stand ups and a one hour scrum call every 7-15 days, depending on the project time lines
  • We have a dedicated Project manager / Point of Contact for the client
  • We provide access to the developers through Emails, Skype, Direct line and any other medium as requested by the client to ensure smooth communication
  • The client can request an Interview of the developer at the start of the project to confirm the skills and efficiencies
  • We use Jira, asana, trello and other tools for project management, depending on the client environment and licenses.

We are purely a solution provider company and are not limited to any specific service. We see ourselves using technology as an enabler to solving a business problem and hence are not limited to the scope of a specific application or a product but whatever services required for solving the business problem. The services required are driven by the applications we develop.

We have 3 delivery centres in Mumbai, most of our services are provided from Andheri and Nahur based in Mumbai.
We have partners based in US, UK and other cities in Mumbai, whom we engage for specific requirements or due to cost impacts or regional / local restrictions on outsourcing.