The key to transitioning towards digital acceleration is to incorporate the power of AI into your business operations.

Viaante’s artificial intelligence services can help you transform your business into a Cognitive Enterprise by enabling and driving smart reinvention of your workflows, infrastructure, and entire organization. Our industry experts assist you in implementing and executing a data-first strategy, taking advantage of real-time data, augmenting with third-party sources, and integrating with advanced technologies like IoT, cognitive automation, and AI.

At Viaante, we believe in providing best-in-class service to our clients by designing applications that are tailored to their unique needs and optimizing their ROI through the automation of their business processes.

We Are AI Specialists


Machine Learning

We offer your company the unmatched advantages of machine learning, a technology that allows machines to use data for self-learning in the same way that humans do. They are capable of interpreting complex data, detecting trends, and identifying patterns.

Natural Language Processing

We specialize in Natural Language Processing technology, which allows computers to understand and comprehend what people say and write, interpret their emotions, and take appropriate actions based on this knowledge.

Image Processing

We specialise in cutting-edge image processing technology, as we develop high-tech visual applications that can collect, analyse, synthesize, and recognize patterns in images.

Knowledge Virtualization

We use Artificial Intelligence technology to build robust knowledge virtualization systems that allow businesses to make better business decisions by using reliable databases.

Digital Virtual Agents

We build cutting-edge AI-powered digital virtual agents capable of comprehending and analysing human actions, as well as providing comprehensive support and enriching customer interactions.

Natural Language Generation

We create intelligent NLG applications that convert data into text that can be interpreted by humans. These programmes are used for a variety of things, including automating BI reports, financial reports, product descriptions, and more.

Robotic Process Automation

Another ability we have is robotic process automation, which allows us to create powerful applications that automate repetitive processes using machine-learned or user-generated instructions without the need for human interaction.

Decision Management

With AI-assisted business decision management solutions that drive accurate decisions based on efficient algorithmic and predictive systems, we simplify and automate business decisions.


AI Strategy and Consulting

Viaante’s AI services will help you reinvent your workflows and technologies in a more smarter and efficient manner. We are a group of expert AI engineers who can assist your company in embarking on a transformational journey by implementing this cutting-edge technology.

AI Development

Viaante has years of experience and extensive expertise in developing advanced AI applications that empower the enterprises with the ability to automate a variety of their operations.

AI Customization

Viaante specializes in developing customised AI-based solutions that are tailored to the clients’ specific needs while also meeting industry standards.

AI Implementation

Viaante ensures that these high-tech solutions are incorporated efficiently so that they deliver maximum benefits and run smoothly in a glitch-free manner.


AI Integration

To optimise the return on investment, Viaante extends seamless integration of advanced AI technologies into the existing business model.


AI Support

Viaante provides reliable support services with 24/7 availability of our AI experts to make sure that these AI applications are always on the top.


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