Denial Management is a critical element for a successful RCM. Denial of medical claims has been the biggest concern for physicians, doctors & other healthcare professionals. Recurring denials or increase in denials lead to operational losses which are difficult and sometimes impossible to recover.

The top reasons or Denial management are as follows:

  • Missing information, such as absent or incorrect patient demographic data and technical errors

  • Wrong or Missed ICD-10 diagnoses

  • Wrong or Missed CPT-4 modifiers

Because we don’t just believe in quality deliverables but also in delightful business operations and that’s what makes us different.

We have years of domain expertise across the national boundaries. The clients trust us for what we have, what we deliver and especially for what we have achieved will achieve together.

At Viaante, it’s not about the cost but the value. We have been building this value by consistently serving our clients with quality deliverables and that’s what Viaante will always do.

Benefits of partnering with Viaante:

  • Manage claims denials from all payers
  • Drive initial denial rates below the industry best practice of 4%
  • Provide key trending reports to measure the impact of process improvements
  • Deliver full compliance with HIPAA technical security and privacy provisions
  • Provide quality services at cost-effective rates within a quick turnaround time