Payment posting is one of the critical stages in medical billing which ensures that patients are billed for the services they utilize. Accuracy in medical billing payment posting, one of the final steps in the medical billing cycle, is essential for an optimized revenue cycle. Viaante’s Payment Posting team of professionals ensures that the information entered is accurate and quick. We ensure that the payment is posted to the right account and also if it is reconciled with the bank’s deposit sheet on a daily basis to reduce AR workload. Once payments are posted to the patient accounts, the denials can be addressed. Attention to each detail and swift turnaround time are important aspects of the task of medical billing payment posting.

Viaante is a HIPAA compliant organization and we are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified. Many healthcare organizations outsource payment posting services to Viaante because we have been following best practices in quality management and information security since years. We ensure that the outsourced medical billing payment posting process is completed as per the industry standards and business requirement.


  • Viaante team shall read and analyze the EOB

  • Viaante team will post all clean charges/claims within 24 hours of receiving complete information for posting.

  • We shall post all  adjustments and denials which will help identify the reason for problems and resolve recurring problems

  • Primary payment posted correctly leads to accurate Secondary Payer Billing

  • We shall notify clients of non-clean charges /claims within 48 hours of them coming to attention.

  • All payments are posted within 24 hours of the complete information is available for posting.