When it comes to healthcare claims processing, it is crucial to ensure accuracy, security, and efficiency.

V-CAPTURE: Our very own innovative tool to enhance productivity, accuracy and streamline claims data management.



We unleash the Potential of Your Data with Viaante’s Cutting-Edge Data Capture Tool!

With V-Capture, we empower businesses to unlock efficiency and maximize their potential. Our tool simplifies the process of capturing and managing data, enabling businesses to excel in their operations.

Dashboard Overview

+ A user-friendly dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of the pending/completed status of the batches uploaded

+ Relevant Metrics and Key Performance Indicators to track data entry progress, error rates, and completion status


User Screen

+ Control all the User and Module access

+ Allows to provide / modify the user and module access given to the users

+ User Accessibility: The access of clients, queues or stages controlled from this option

+ Module Access: Controls the access of available modules

Data Entry + Validation

+ Intuitive and structured data entry forms that capture essential information for healthcare payer processes

+ Validation checks and error notifications to ensure accurate and complete data entry



+ This feature allows user to perform the data entry in Maker stage and quality check at the Checker level for respective clients and form types



Quality Reports

+ This feature allows to generate the Production and Quality reports for respective clients, batches or dates

+ Generates comprehensive reports and analytics on captured data for performance analysis

+ Provides visual representations such as charts or graphs, to facilitate data interpretation and insights


Security + Compliance

+ Robust security measures to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, such as encryption, secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, and role-based access control (RBAC).

+ Comply with data privacy regulations, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

+ V-Capture provides internal security control within the app to ensure the integrity of user data

+ V-Capture ensures the accuracy, consistency, and quality of the data captured and processed

+ V-Capture keeps track and audits medical codes and manages all user changes on the forms with real-time data updates

+ V-Capture provides an analytics dashboard that allows users to easily identify bottlenecks in process flow and take corrective measures


V-Capture allows users to define rules based on any number of variables, such as form type, dollar limits, payers, or practice specialties, to ensure accuracy

V-Capture allows companies to cut costs in billing & other related activities & to enhance customer satisfaction

V-Capture can be used to perform data entry for different healthcare form types, bills or invoices

V-Capture handles processing for multiple clients / projects & form types

V-Capture allows to set the verification % for individuals as per the users accuracy

V-Capture enables faster data processing, which can result in quicker claim processing and reimbursement cycles

V-Capture accommodates growing data volumes and evolving business requirements

V-Capture easily adapts to changes in payer regulations, coding systems, or data capture standards without disrupting existing workflows.

V-Capture aligns with industry standards and regulations such as ICD-10 and CPT coding systems and ensures compliance with healthcare payer guidelines

Increased User Satisfaction

Reduced Training Time


Improved User Experience for our staff