For a provider to start accepting patients they need to be credentialed and Contracted by the Health Plan. A provider usually contracts with multiple payors. Each Payor has its own requirement for application submission. The application process involves gathering information on Board certification, criminal background, DEA/CDS registration, education, work history, HIPDB, and sanctions. and filling out lengthy application forms.

Viaante acts as an extension of your front office team, Viaante will do all the time-consuming work for you and follow through the payors until you are credentialed and approved to start accepting patients. Our ergonomically designed workflow ensures that you have complete visibility on the application status. We use our extensive Data Management and verification capabilities to enhance.

Our provider enrolment services include:

  • New Provider Enrollment
  • Provider Document Management
  • Credentialing / Re-Credentialing
  • CAQH Registration support

Benefits of Partnering with Viaante:-

  • Improved Turnaround time
  • Reduction in Administration cost
  • Speeds up reimbursement cycles for Physicians
  • Dedicated team to support the enrollment process